Welcome to Clifford Sinclair!

If you are looking for retail accommodation in Reading, we are a very professional company with over 20 years experience.

Clifford Sinclair Limited is a property management company that has been providing high-quality student /professionals accommodation for many years. Specialising in rentals for students of Reading University, we have much experience in the university student housing market. We rent whole houses to groups of university students, as well as professionals in the area of Reading, Berkshire. We aim to consistently exceed expectations by providing high standards and professionally-managed rental properties.

All our properties are well furnished with high-grade appliances providing tenant comfort, security and safety as a priority. Our front doors have security deadlocks and double glazed windows with locking handles. All houses have separate sitting/living, kitchen and dining areas, and complete laundry facilities.

Clifford Sinclair is a regulatory compliant landlord. Safety ensures that all our properties exceed the Government Safety Regulations. We supply Electricity Safety Certificates, Fire and Smoke Alarm Certificates, Annual Gas Safety Certificates, HMO Licences and Deposit Protection Certificates which are available to view at each property’s page all properties have interlinked mains wired smoke detectors and smoke alarms, fire blankets and extinguishers in all of the kitchens.

There are 5-bedroom, 6-bedroom, 8-bedroom, 9-bedroom, and 10-bedroom properties with the majority being double bedrooms. Two properties are situated next to each other and can accommodate groups of 11, 12 or 17.

Tenants are asked to look after the path and front door of the house, but we maintain the gardens together with any grass cutting requirements. Some of our properties offer parking spaces. We have an emergency telephone number which is monitored 24/7. All properties are in the main student areas in Reading, often within walking distance to the University of Reading, supermarket, shops, pubs, restaurants, and takeaways. Properties are located within excellent transport links to the town centre and main train station.

We take pride in providing excellent Reading Student/Professional Rental accommodation. We are a proud accredited member of the National Landlords Association (NLA), with member name ‘Clifford Sinclair’ and Membership number 074393. Tenant deposits are secured with MyDeposits Deposit Protection Scheme.


  • “We would like to thank you for your excellent service while staying in your property house number RDG004. You have been extremely diligent in every aspect and have always kept us well informed on every step of the way. You run a fantastic company and we were so lucky to have chosen Clifford Sinclair Limited: everything was far easier than we had expected.

    Keep doing what you are doing! We will not hesitate to refer our friends to you. ”

    Many thanks again,


    Tenants from 004-2012

  • “In my experience with Clifford Sinclair, they have handled us with professionalism, seriousness and speed which was really extraordinary while staying in the House Number RDG002. Thank you, Clifford Sinclair Limited.”


    – RDG002 Tenants, 2013

  • “I would like to thank Clifford Sinclair Limited personally for the high class service I have received from them, I was a tenant at house number RDG014A. I know Clifford Sinclair Limited for many years and their expertise and good will always helped me. I hope to keep in touch in the future and will certainly recommend Clifford Sinclair Limited to all friends of mine.”


    – RDG014 Tenants, 2014

  • “I want to thank Clifford Sinclair Limited for the great service during my stay at house number 017 and  for the best price, in the location I wanted. I gained wonderful friends too. Thank you Clifford Sinclair and your great team.”


    – RDG017-2013

  • “I may take this opportunity to express my deep satisfaction and appreciation regarding my tenancy at house number RDG009 for the manner in which Clifford Sinclair Limited  had extended for us. Customer service are really casual and friendly with clear frankness, sincerity and honesty., They have  showed us additional proofs of the qualities that differentiate them from  other  competitors.”


    – RDG009-2014

  • “A short note of gratitude for the first class tenancy service I have received from Clifford Sinclair Limited, your wealth of knowledge and experience has particularly helped to gave me quality service.”


    – RDG046,2012

  • “Thank you very much for your invaluable service. Your attention to detail, professional approach and friendly assistance was much appreciated.”


    – RDG279,2013

  • “As a property lawyer, my experience with Clifford Sinclair, in aspects related to the legalities, is very satisfactory, as within their regular protocols they carry out the basic initial searches to supply a reliable legal approach on the properties they have.”


    – Atty. William S.

  • “I was impressed by the reliable and responsible attitude displayed by Clifford Sinclair Limited, including the way they handled tenants magnificently especially in house number 110 , with each and every one of our agreements carefully respected.”


    – RDG110,2012

  • “I have known Clifford Sinclair Limited and considered their company to be highly competent, responsible, and respected professionals in the Real Estate field.Treated their tenants well.”


    – RDG012,2013

  • “I would like to express to you and all your staffs at Clifford Sinclair Limited  my deepest gratitude for the wonderful first class service  you have done.Being a tenant at house number 097 is unregrettable.”


    – RDG097,2012

  • “We would like to thank Clifford Sinclair Limited for their efficient handling of tenants. Their professional attitude, the way they treated us like family, and their professionalism made the whole tenancy easier.”


    – RDG086,2013

  • “The dedication, friendliness, honesty and integrity exhibited by Clifford Sinclair Limited and the whole management of our tenancy at house no.097 from start to finish tops all of our other experiences in leasing.”


    – RDG017,2012

  • “I admire the professionalism, seriousness, and goodwill you have shown Clifford Sinclair Limited.”


    – RDG058,2013

  • “I would like to thank you with these lines for the good service you have provided me during my tenancy at 046. Clifford Sinclair Limited is being kind and considerate.”


    – RDG046,2013

  • “I cannot compliment you enough on the professionalism of Clifford Sinclair Limited together with your staffs for the high service levels that we received.”


    – RDG009,2013

  • “I am one of those people who believe that professionalism is not something that can be improvised and I would like to publicly congratulate Clifford Sinclair, who has been in the real estate business for a long time. All my thanks to the management and staffs.”


    – RDG011,2011

  • “On behalf of my wife and myself, I would like to thank you and your staffs for giving us a good accommodation during our tenancy at house number 011 with such professional attitude and reliability, succeeded to make us satisfied. I think we are not the easiest tenant, but after a few meetings we felt satisfied with your service. This small feedback is done just to let you know, that you found a new tenant, and certainly not the last one.”


    – RDG050,2012

  • “Hi, we would just like to thank you so much for the help you gave us with the problem with the electrics. You certainly take your job home with you, even at 7.30 pm at night you were still assisting us with the problem. Every issue we have had you sorted the problem straight away, not like other real estate agencies we have dealt with in the past which have taken up to 3 or 4 days for them to assist. Thanks again or your help and commitment with all our issues.”


    – Jane, (tenant from house number 279)

  • “I just wanted to take time out to send this very long overdue thank you to you.
    I’ve been both a tenant and homeowner and have had dealings with many property managers from both sides of the fence so what I’m about to say comes both sides:
    You are by far the best property manager I’ve had the pleasure of knowing for so many reasons.  You’ve always managed to show the right balance of professionalism, compassion, empathy and customer care which I’ve not seen with any other property manager.I’ve been meaning to send this for some time now and sorry that I haven’t.
    Thank you.”


    – Tenant house number 086